Celebrating 15 years of letter callin'!
Dick O'Day's Big, Lovely Bingo is an interactive, fast
paced reality game show that can be tailored for
audiences young and old.  It combines the best of
variety and talk shows, along with a liberal dose of
kitsch.  Curiosity and outrageousness are perfect
bedmates when host Dick O’Day takes to the stage and
soon has audience members vying for the fabulously
hideous prizes amidst the zany madness.

Throughout the show O’Day has no compunction
about getting into the private lives (and purses) of his
bingo players, trying to make love connections for his
solo guests, or reading selections from his own
eclectic “liberry” (
The Poems Of Ally Sheedy and On
Tour With Donny And Marie
are particular audience
favorites).  He joins game participants in performing
impromptu karaoke numbers, aerobicizing to a little
Jane Fonda workout, or creating one of his renowned
"instant make-overs."  No cell phone is safe in his
presence.  And always expect a musical number or two.

But O’Day’s main objective is to keep the bingo game
going until it’s time to award more of the kitschiest
prizes this side of a trailer park jamboree.

From Cher dolls and New Kids On The Block jigsaw
puzzles to a horrible candy called Milk Chews, hand
made pot holders to phony signed Amy Grant glossies,
DICK O’DAY’S BIG, LOVELY BINGO offers what surly
bingo prize-meister and board watcher Scottie, O’Day’s
assistant, calls “more junk than they got at my Uncle
Eldon’s dump.”  But hands off Scottie’s baby food
grinder.  That’s just for display.  For corporate clients,
product intros, and private events, the prizes can be
scaled up -- or down even lower!

As a live theatrical “experience,” DICK O’DAY’S BIG,
LOVELY BINGO drew 18-34 year olds in droves during
its four year run at Chicago’s cutting-edge Annoyance
Theater and a further six month run at the Improv
Olympic.  It's also the perfect show for corporate and
private parties and has played before audiences of all
ages and bingo expertise levels!

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contact Richard Knight, Jr. at
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